Target Rifle (TR)

TR involves prone single shot precision shooting using aperture sights (no telescopes) at paper targets (with round bulls) at distances from 300 to 1000 yards. The rifle is supported by a sling (not a bipod). Each shot is scored and carefully recorded and analysed. Once a steady hold, aim and trigger release have been mastered a key challenge is being able to judge the strength of the wind, especially at the longer ranges. This is done by altering the backsight appropriately.

The picture shows firers at Birmingham Bisley in 2019

Want to have a go?


Contact one of the clubs on the 'links' page for more details.

Target shooting is a very friendly sport and members will make you welcome and give lots of advice.




The video here is a good introduction to Target Rifle shooting (at Bisley) and features the Inter-Counties shoot in which we competed in 2019



Representing Hereford and Worcester


We are beginning to build up a group of Target Rifle Shooters to represent the County in matches at Bisley.

Criteria are:

• Birth or county of birth of parents or grandparents

• Residential parliamentary vote

• Have had a parliamentary vote for 10 years and then moved away


Interested?  We'd love to hear from you!

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